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It is important that members try to attend all meetings to ensure consistency in the discussions and effective representation of stakeholder interests. Members should advise the Committee Chair if they anticipate difficulty in attending meetings.

We encourage community members to submit their feedback to us and we will place it on our agenda for review and response at our next meeting. Please read through the full responses document available on our website prior to submitting feedback to ensure your feedback has not already been addressed. You can submit your feedback via our website or our Facebook page. 

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Will be posted when scheduled. 

Previous Meeting Minues

Previous Meeting Minutes

August 23rd, 2021 - Public Meeting

- Download & Read

- Meeting Video Here

April 15, 2021

- Download & Read

December 6, 2020

- Download & Read

November 15, 2020

- Download & Read

Antigonish Harbour Oyster Community Liaison Committee

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