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CLC Members

Stephen Feist - CLC Chair 
Sean Day - Co Chair

Dr. David Garbury 
Hughie Stewart
Owen McCarren 
Archie Mackenzie
Marc Genuist 
Jim Lerikos
Dr. Roger Porter
Paul Maclsaac
Ryan Smith

Member Bios are provided below.

Stephen Feist - CLC Chair 

Community involvement: Past CAO for the Town of Antigonish and active member of the Antigonish Legion


Personal Interests: Hiking, kayaking, Sailing, and Nature Photography


Stephen has over 35 years of government experience working for municipal and provincial governments. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology, a Master’s in Urban Planning and a Master’s in Public Administration. Stephen has taught Sustainable Communities for several years at the Dalhousie Continuing Education Program. Stephen has also done volunteer work on municipal capacity building and economic development in Indonesia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana.


For the past 10 years, while living in the Antigonish Area, Stephen has been kayaking and sailing the length and breadth of Antigonish Harbour. Stephen is also a member of the Antigonish Boat Club.

Sean Day - Co Chair

Community Involvement: Recreation, Business


Personal Interests: Environment, Business, Recreation


Sean has lived in Antigonish for over 20 years and is the current president of the Antigonish Boat Club which operates from Seabright on Antigonish Harbour. Sean enjoys recreational activities around and on the harbour such as hiking, cycling, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. He is interested in how we can build stronger more inclusive and vibrant communities. 


In terms of work, his interests lie primarily in the area of sustainability (fiscal, environmental, and social) as it relates to development. Sean is a private consultant in the planning and development field.

David Garbary 

Community involvement: Biology Professor at St. FX


Personal Interests: Environment


David has lived in Antigonish since 1984 and over the past 30 years has carried out numerous research projects in and around Antigonish Harbour. 


David is a professor of Biology at St. FX with a major interest in environmental issues associated with climate change and issues facing estuaries. His expertise is in the biology of sea plants, including eelgrass,  and the impact of various factors on these. He has 30 years of experience studying Antigonish Harbour and its diversity of plant and animal life, (i.e., seaweeds, eelgrass, ducks, geese, ribbed mussels).

Hughie Stewart

Community involvement: Municipal Government, Business, Tourism, Recreation


Personal Interests: Environment, Aboriginal Community, Agriculture, Fishing, Tourism, Business, Recreation


Hughie is the Deputy Warden of the municipality of the country of Antigonish and takes interest in any project that affects the county and its residents. He has lived in Antigonish County for 73 years, been a business owner for 50 years, and a representative in district 3 for 22 years. Through business interests and political committees, he has a vested interest in the municipality and its growth.

Owen McCarren 


Community Involvement: Municipal Government County of Antigonish Community development, business, recreation.


Personal Interests: Recreational hockey, pickleball, and curling. Community Volunteering. Very interested in the continued growth and development of our Municipality and continued relationship building with our First Nations Community at Paqtnkek

Owen is the Warden of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish. Owen is a lifelong resident of St. Andrews Antigonish County and is married with 2 adult children. He graduated from Maritime Forest Ranger School Fredericton NB in 1984 had a career with NSDLAF and recently retired as Area Manager of the Dept. of Natural Resources. Owen was elected to the Municipal Council 26 years ago has served as Warden for the past 4 years. Owen is a small business owner involved with beef farming and Firewood/Forestry woodlot operations. Owen has a long history of involvement with St. Andrews Parish

Archie Mackenzie

Community Involvement: Business, Fishing

Personal Interests: Environment, Fishing, Business, Agriculture, Tourism 

Archie is a lifelong resident of Antigonish County.  He is a fisherman, a quarry operator, and an active member of several fishing-related organizations. Having fished commercially for many years, both in the lobster fishery as well as holding licenses for Silversides, smelts, and eels within Antigonish harbour. He is now transitioning his enterprise to his son. Archie has been fishing since the age of thirteen and takes a keen interest in every aspect of the fishing industry. 


Archie has been a member of the North Bay Fishermans Co-op, since its inception. He was a member of the Harbour Authority for fifteen years, is a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, as well as a member of the Fleet Planning Board and Gulf Bonafide Fishermen's Organization. Archie is also a lifelong member of  St. Columba’s parish in Lakevale.

Marc Genuist 

Community involvement:  Red Cross, Search & Rescue, Recreation.


Personal interests: Environment, Kayaking, Recreation, Tourism 


Marc has lived in Antigonish part-time for 15 years and permanently for the past 5 years. Marc and his partner live on the waterfront of the harbour and use the harbour regularly to swim and kayak. Marc is the Team Lead for the Canadian Red Cross's Emergency response team based in Antigonish, is a kayak enthusiast, and organizes pool sessions in the winter to assist kayakers to perfect their rolling and self-rescuing skills. Marc volunteers with the Red Cross Help program and volunteers with the Strait Area Search and Rescue team. Marc is a member of several Sea Kayaking groups in the province.


Marc and his partner are also avid hikers and regularly snowshoe, ski or hike to discover the many remote areas of Nova Scotia. They were part of a group about 15 years ago which tried to rejuvenate the boat club with new facilities and better public access including walking or hiking trails on the nearby Crown land. They have had many friends visit from across Canada and Europe who have marveled at the potential for outdoor recreation that exists in our region.

Jim Lerikos

Community Involvement: Business, Fishing, 


Personal interests: Environment, Aboriginal Community, Fishing, Tourism, Business, Recreation


Jim has lived in Antigonish since 1967. Many know Jim as the man that founded The Wheel Pizza, and The Lobster Treat restaurant. Since then he has remained involved in the community in many ways. He is the past president of The Antigonish River Association, Director, and past president of the Antigonish Eastern shore Tourist Association, past member of VON, and a current member of the North Eastern Christmas Tree Association. 


Jim has been and continues to be a frequent user of the harbour for hunting, fishing, and boating. His interests are political, climate change, water quality, greenhouse gases, projects that have far-reaching effects on our community, interaction with governments and communities. 

Roger Porter

Community Involvement: Fishing, Business, Environment, Past President of the Lions Club, VON Community Corp for 5 years, worked with SAFE getting Peace by Chocolate up and running and apartment for another family, local political party.


Personal Interests: Environment, Fishing, Business, Recreation, woodworking, Amateur Radio since 1987, Member of Canadian Amateur Hall of Fame Committee (selects qualified members for induction to same) since 1992, Member of Nova Scotia Dental Association, chaired Economic Review Committee, and past President of NSDA.


Roger and his wife, Ina, have lived in Antigonish since 1972. He is a member of the Antigonish River Association and The Ecology Action Center. He is a retired dentist whose practice was in the town of Antigonish. For four decades, Roger has hunted and fished throughout Antigonish Harbour. He continues to frequently boat and Kayak on the harbour.


When Roger and his wife moved here in 1972 they first lived in town until 2001, then moved to the harbour front on Terra Tory Drive until 2015. They now live in Mount Cameron while their son, Dr. Caleb Porter, still lives on Terra Tory drive. Daughter, Jessica, now lives in Halifax but enjoys visiting Antigonish, often using the harbour.

Paul Maclsaac

Community Involvement: Recreation 


Personal Interests: Environment, Fishing, Recreation, Agriculture


Paul is a Senior Aquatic Operations Technician at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture. He was born and raised in Antigonish and holds a summer home in Ballantyne's Cove. Paul has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology (St.FX), a Master of Science in fish physiology (AVC/UPEI) and 27 years of experience in the Nova Scotia aquaculture sector. He is very interested in the aquacultural opportunities around Antigonish that command sustainability and respect for the natural environment. He feels strongly that both goals can co-exist.


He enjoys the outdoors (gardening, fishing, and boating) and facilitating youth sport.  Paul has been a Director of the Cobequid Salmon Association, a non-profit organization interested in the health and well-being of the 22 rivers draining into the Bay of Fundy, since 2012 and currently serves as Vice-President.  He has been the President of Colchester Basketball Association since 2013 and continues to be a member of Nova Scotia Basketball Officials.

Ryan Smith

Bio Pending.

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