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Membership Application

This is an application form for membership on the Town Point Oysters Community Liaison Committee (CLC) in Antigonish.


Members of the CLC will be volunteers, primarily from people who live, work, and play in the area. Ideally, they will be people who are active in local organizations (stakeholder groups) which represent interests that could potentially be impacted by a local oyster aquaculture operation. Some examples include; commercial fishing, Aboriginal Community interests, area residents, recreation, municipal government, business, environment, and tourism.


The CLC will also include a member-at-large, who may not be involved in local community groups but has either a significant number of contacts in the community and/or relevant expertise.  


Why are we looking for people who are members of local organizations or have strong community networks? It is because, in CLC meetings, members will represent the interests of people in their stakeholder groups and in their community networks. They will also take on the role of communicating the CLC work to their contacts.


The CLC will start in the fall of 2020 with an orientation meeting. It will be active throughout Town Point Oysters operations in the Antigonish area.  Members do not have to commit for the duration of the project, but they should recognize the amount of time involved. Meetings are expected to be held two times a year, although it is anticipated that there will be three or four meetings in the first year as the CLC gets established.


If you feel you would like to participate in the CLC, please refer to the application instructions below.


Applications will be reviewed by the CLC Chair. Decisions on membership will be based on building a committee with a strong representation of the local community.


If you have questions about the CLC or this application, send an email to Stephen Feist, CLC Chair, at

Please see the application instructions below.

Heart & Hands

Join Us

To unify our community by working together closely and positively.


To foster effective and meaningful communications and relations based on factual information. 

Group Lecture

1. Download the PDF application below

Fill out the interactive PDF and e-mail to


2. Download the PDF application below

Print and fill out. Then scan or take a photo of the application and e-mail the scan/photo to


2. Download the PDF application below. Print and fill out. Then mail to:

Stephen Feist

c/o Antigonish Oyster CLC

P.O. Box 20021

Antigonish NS B2G 0E2 

We currently have 9 members. However, we will entertain additional requests to join the CLC committee to a maximum of 12 members. If you are interested in participating as a CLC member please submit an application for consideration. 

If you have questions about the CLC or this application, send an email to Stephen Feist, CLC Chair, at

Antigonish Oyster CLC Antigonish Oyster Community Liaison Committee

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